Beowulf press quotes


“… la Cour has a sense of rhythm and an understanding of the audience—he takes breaks, draws kids into the story, laughs both at and with us, challenges us with complex questions, and he has it all under control!”

“The show delivers on what it promises: it’s grim, it’s exciting, it’s exceedingly funny, and it keeps its audience tuned in the whole way through.”
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“This stripped-down and child-friendly version of the Old English epic Beowulfí is perfect post-Lord Of The Rings fare. It’s full of monsters, courageous men and plenty of stage magic. Adapted and narrated by Denmark’s Jesper la Cour Andersen, the production is so evocative, you’ll swear you can smell the roasted boar, taste the mead and hear the troll Grendel stomping through the thicket. All of this is done economically. Black curtains mark off the intimate performing space and the sole prop is a tin watering can, which becomes everything from a horn to a TV camera. Andersen and Troels Kirk Ejsing make terrific storytellers, combining horror, whimsy and broad laughs, and drawing on the audience in always inventive ways.”


“My 85 year old mother-in-law was especially delighted by the performance. Her difficulty with – vision did not hamper her one bit and we thank you for graciously allowing us to sit in the front row reserved for the young ones. She described the performance as delightful and said she hadn’t laughed so hard in a very long time. Your playfulness and spontaneity was exuberant and contageous. It was so wonderfully innovative. The weaving of movement, mime, music, drama – and words created a rich experience.” 

Comment by Marilyn, Whithorse; Yukon