Vitality, presence and engagement. A prize performance.



Age group: from 10 years
Duration: 70 min.
Language: English

Imagine how you would feel if you where the King of Denmark in the 7th century with gold, glory and a big reputation. Your only problem was a 500 pound ugly and fetid troll, named Grendel, killing your men at random.

Maybe you would call it a true nightmare, but storytellers 1300 years later call it the magnificent beginning of a great story.

Sitting face to face around the Viking ship, the distance between the action and the audience is minimal – you feel like you take part in the thrilling tale – and who knows, maybe suddenly you do?

On stage
Jesper la Cour and Troels Kirk Ejsing

Behind stage
Idea, direction and translation: Jesper la Cour
Music: Troels Kirk Ejsing
Costume: Charlotte Østergaard
Photos: Simon Jeppesen
Layout: Jens Raadal


Technical rider

Minimum stage area: 3,5 x 8 meters
Minimum room dimensions: 10 x 12 meters (includes seating)
Seating: 5-7 rows on two sides. The audience facing each other. 100-150 spectators
Drapes: The venue provides two 2 x 3,5 meters black drapes.
Lighting: The venue will provide the nessessary light to cover the stage area. 6-8 fresnels or PC’s is needed for this. It’s a fixed lightset. No light changes.
The room needs to be 90-100% dark. No direct sunlight.